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Inspired by a true story during the First World War. IN REVERIE follows a young Polish soldier as he seeks to find redemption in the trenches to finally make peace with a tragic accident committed before the war. 


In 1916, at the height of World War I, Stanislaw, a young Polish man serving in the German army, tries to rescue a wounded comrade. Finding shelter in a nearby trench, Stanislaw struggles to save the man’s life.

As the battle draws closer, the mounting pressure brings visions of his loved ones. Stanislaw is forced to relive painful memories and come to terms with why he left home for the war. In this moment he must choose to let go of the past or face loosing the life before him.


  Aleksandra Gordon

I first heard of my great great uncle’s story at my grandfather’s house in Poland after stumbling across a beautiful photograph of a man dressed up in his military uniform. I never knew that I had a relative that fought and sadly lost his life in the battle of Verdun, during the First World War. Straight away I wanted to know more about him and as soon as I heard his story I was blown away.

Learning of the tragic accident and of the tremendous guilt he felt afterwards intrigued me. When my aunt explained how our family knew that his guilt was the reason he went off to the war, to punish himself for what happened, I was extremely moved. Even though he never said it out loud, they all knew this was why he left. It was as if he and everyone else knew he was leaving to never come back again. I was moved by how great that pain and suffering must have been to lead him to walk into the most dangerous place there was, the war.

The idea of seeking penance in the front lines of the battle of Verdun, considered one of the greatest battles in history, sent shivers through me. I wanted to explore this guilt and sacrifice- when your own welfare is of no importance anymore and the need to pay for your actions is the only thing that matters. I wanted to explore how he must have felt when he finally was in the trenches and whether the fear of dying ever led him to regret his decisions. I wanted to know if he found his peace there or whether he had wished he could reverse his decision to go into the war. There is a beauty in his story, one I knew I wanted to tell and that is how this film came about.


Mark Deliman

Stanislaw Gordon

    Daniel Ball

    Friedrich Goedeke

      Lidia Vitale

      Theresa Gordon

        Ilona Hansen

        Zosia Gordon

            Nick Rogers

            Marian Gordon

              Katie Booth

              Elisabeth Goedeke


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