Sneak Peak to the Score

We would like to share with you a little piece of music from ‘In Reverie’, done by our talented composer Flávio Medeiros.

I hope you like what you hear. The score is near and dear to our hearts and is such a big part of our film. It’s filled with emotional ups and downs. It really helps take us on Stanislaw’s journey and helps carries us through those silences and pauses, of not knowing what will happen.


Real Name Tag from WW1 Used as Prop

An interesting fact from the film is that we used an authentic name tag from a German soldier that fought in World War 1.

In Reverie authentic prop

The WW1 Name Tag

This came about from the director, Aleksandra Gordon, while she was doing research for the film. Here it is in her words:

“One day I was doing research online while writing the script. I was looking up what the name tags looked like as in the script we have Stanislaw research for his follow comrade’s name using his name tag. While I searched, I came across name tags being sold online, real WW1 name tags and one of them was a German soldiers, just as I needed. At the time I still hadn’t found a name for the soldier in my script, however once I saw this name tag I knew it had to be used in the film and the character’s name will be the name of the soldier who the name tag once truly belonged to, Friedrick Goedeke. So thats how I found the name for our soldier that Stanislaw desperately tries to save.”


The music to ‘In Reverie’

One of the most amazing moments in the making of ‘In Reverie’ was when we attached the original score to the film. Seeing it for the first time with the music tied the whole film together, bringing Stanislaw’s journey straight to the hearts of the viewers.

Music has such a powerful effect on people, and our score proved just that.

Here is a quote from the director, Aleksandra Gordon about her experience:


The Costume Design

Here is a look back to our wardrobe fittings for the cast of ‘In Reverie’.

We have a lot of fun to find the right outfits for each of these amazingly talented actors.