The Christmas Truce 1914



With Christmas around the corner here’s an interesting fact.

In 1914, on Christmas Day, there was unofficial cease fire which took place across the western front between British and German soldiers. They climbed out of their trenches and ventured out into No Man’s Land, where they greeted their enemies, setting aside their differences for a fleeting moment to celebrate the holiday together. They shared seasonal greetings, sang Christmas songs between the trenches and out in  “no man’s land” they exchanged food, souvenirs and cigarettes.

Here are some wonderful images of this truce:


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Armistice Day football match at Dale Barracks between german soldiers and Royal Welsh fusiliers to remember the famous Christmas Day truce between germany and Britain PCH


Depictions have also been made in art and illustrations:





It’s so nice to see that opposing sides can come together like this. Even in war the Christmas spirit was so strong that they for one day have peace between them. This show that these soldiers were just human and that they didn’t want to be killing each other.

What our your thoughts?


If you want to know more…

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